Vespene GasNone
Build Time80 Seconds

The Academy is a Terran building that allows Comsat Stations, Medics and Firebats to be built. It also provides upgrades for Medics, Firebats and Marines.

[edit] Available Upgrades

U-238 Shells: This upgrade increases the Marines attack range by 1.

Caduceus Reactor: This upgrade increases the Medic's energy by +50.

Stim Pack: This upgrade allows Both Marines and Firebats double their rate of fire and move faster for a limited amount of time.

Heal: This upgrade allows Medics to automatically heal friendly biological units.

Restoration: This upgrade allows Medics to heal most status effects off units.

Optic Flare: this upgrade allows the medic to reduces the sight of an enemy unit to 1, and removes the detection ability.

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