Aldaris's profile icon.
Race: Protoss
Gender: Male
Birth/Death: 1759 - 2501
Occupation: Judicator of the Conclave

Aldaris a very popular Protoss strategist who is well known for his place amongst the Protoss. There is no back story to Aldaris other than his place as Judicator of the Executor (first Tassadar then Artanis). Aldaris is quite blunt in the way he sees other Protoss. He's very intelligent but allows his pride, like the Protoss Conclave, blind his decision. He is often seen throughout the game insulting the Dark Templar by calling them outcasts, blaspheming beings, ect. While blunt, his hatred for the Dark Templar is most likely because of his close connection with the Conclave and often refers to their judgment when talking with Tassadar about the Dark Templar. His hatred of the Dark Templar eventually leads to his downfall.

[edit] During the Protoss Campaign

During the Protoss campaign, Aldaris will be in that little icon box every time you click on one of your own structures. Aldaris will first present himself to you in the briefing screen and tell you about Tassadar and how be has abandoned the Protoss kind. You're first mission will be to find Fenix, a fellow Protoss warrior, and fight off the Zerg surrounding the base. For the time being, you'll see very little wrong with Aldaris, but once Tassadar tries to reach you, you will see the true colors of Aldaris, seeing how rude, blunt, and disrespectful to other kinds he can be. However, close to the end, his thoughts will change as the death of the Conclave does show him that without Tassadar's help, he and the rest of the Protoss kind would be dead.

[edit] During the Brood War

Yes, he's still in that little annoying icon box. However, this time around his attitude has changed. He now works with the Dark Templar, rather than constantly hating them. Apparently, Tassadar's selfless actions must have opened his eyes as well as the Conclave's death. However, this doesn't last forever. Aldaris will finally snap as soon as Raszagal decides to side with Sarah Kerrigan (Now infested) and help destroy the zerg Cerebrates. This doesn't role to well with Aldaris, seeing other things that could be done. After the fight with a the zerg, Aldaris and the remaining Protoss refugee's will revolt against the Dark Templars and you'll be forced to fight him.

Once the fight ends, Kerrigan will appear and kill Aldaris. This being the end of our mighty Judictor.

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