Alexei Stukov

Alexei Sukov
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Race: Terran
Gender: Male
Birth/Death: Unknown - 2501
Occupation: Vice Admiral of the UED's Expeditionary Force
  • The UED
  • Zerg

Alexei Stukov is a terran from the planet Earth, who's worked his way amongst the ranks of the highest authorities or the UED forces. He was later killed by Samir Duran in a desperate attempt to destroy the zerg with the Psi Disrupter.

He was later revives as an infested terran to be used for their own goals, but then rescued by Jim Raynor and the protoss who cured him of his zerg status. As a game unit, he's a Ghost who's special ability is to use the Nuclear Strike ability. Stukov speaks with a Russian accent, leading us to believe he's russian.


[edit] Before the Brood War

Before the Brood War, little is mentioned about Stukov throughout the story. However, during the beginning cut scene of the game, it shows two Terran's on a Battlecruiser watching the zerg attack a Terran Dominion. Both these character are DuGalle and Stukov. DuGalle is a childhood friend of Stukov, and the two have been trying to best each other ever since they were children.

Stukov claimed to know everything about the zerg, saying that he's watched tapes of them a million times. DuGalle insisted that he come to watch as a first hand experience is nothing like a video tape. Stukov was shocked to mass destruction of exactly what the zerg could do. He was speechless.

[edit] During the Brood War

During the Brood War, Stukov will serve as someone that will be there most of time. More like the Aldaris for the protoss executor. He will advise you on your mission up until he is killed by Duran later in the campaign.

[edit] Attack on Braxis

This first mission you will have on the Terran Campaign will be an assault on the planet Braxis. Mainly because the protoss have attacked and destroyed the terran forces that already lay on the planet. Stukov will present himself to the protoss and give them a fair waring to give up and surrender. He had to give up due to the blockade from the protoss forces.

Later, Stukov sent a Captain down to to assault Braxis and take control of it's major city within 2 hours. The attacking forces were hindered due to the lack of vespene gas. Stukov finally met the Confederate Resistance Forces and it's leader, Samir Duran. Duran requested that he that the UED accept him into their ranks in return to be wiped of the crime of working with the Terran Dominion. Stukov was no hasty because he did not fully trust Duran, however Duran said that he could help Stukov get to the major city due to the major one being cut off. Stukov accepted Duran and his men into their ranks as soldiers.

[edit] Power House

Stukov followed the UED fleet when it attack the Dylarian Shipyards. Duran has warned them of a counterstrike from the Terran Dominion. The UED stole the ships and slowed down the process of the counterstrike.

While on Tarsonis, the UED had gotten news of a enemy Psi Disrupter, and Duran had convinced DuGalle to destroy it. Before Duran could destroy it, Stukov's personal guards stopped him. They told him that the Psi Disrupter would be disassembled. They did, and without DuGalle's knowing, it was reassembled later on Braxis.

While the UED was following Jim Raynor and Arcturus Mengsk, Stukov was disturbed by exactly how many allies that Mengsk's was able to get. While pursuing them, the zerg even attacked the UED. This lead Stukov to believe that even the zerg have allied themselves with Mengk's.

When Stukov had found out that Duran had allowed the zerg forces way to the battle area, he was not surprised. He suspected that Duran was a turncoat, but he didn't expect that Duran was also probably infested. He returned the Braxis to activate the Psi Disrupter.

[edit] Fight till the End

DuGalle was surprised when Duran had told him that Stukov hadn't destroyed the Psi Disrupter. He then ordered Duran to kill the "traitor" and Duran had no quarrels with that. Stukov set out defense units, but Duran made quick work of them. Duran finally found Stukov and shot him. Stukov in his last moments revealed that it was Duran who was the traitor and he was the one manipulating the UED for his own twisted desires. After Stukov had passed on, DuGalle ordered the remainder of Stukov's forces to help the UED forces save the Psi Disrupter. The Psi Disrupter was saved from destruction, but not Stukov.

Stukov was held in high honers. DuGalle, ashamed of what had occurred had told the press that he died in a valiant strike on Char. DuGalle swore vengeance on the zerg for the death of his friend.

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