[edit] Game Usage

[edit] Protoss vs Terran

Carriers are highly effective against Terran on maps with many ridges and cliffs, anything that makes it difficult for Goliaths to confront them directly. Since Carriers are expensive, a Protoss is quite vulnerable once production has begun.

[edit] Protoss vs Zerg

Carriers are most often used vs Zerg when island expansions can be defended by Protoss air. When supported by Corsairs, Carriers can be dangerous. Corsairs kill off Scourge quite easily and can lay down Disruption Webs while Carriers start destroying anything on the ground.

[edit] Protoss vs Protoss

Carriers are rarely used in PvP, as ground units dominate the field. They are hard to counter with anything except spells. Mind Control, Stasis Field and Psionic Storm are great ways to combat Carriers.

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