[edit] Game Usage

[edit] Zerg vs Terran

With the invention of stacking Mutalisks with Overlords, they have become a key unit in ZvT. Good Mutalisk control is considered evidence of a good Zerg user. Mutalisk harass is primarily used to pick off workers and reduce Marine count.

[edit] Zerg vs Protoss

Mutalisks are most often used in this matchup against Zealot-heavy armies. They are used to snipe the Protoss player's High Templars. If Zerg can successfully kill early Corsairs, Mutalisks can be dangerous in mass.

[edit] Zerg vs Zerg

Along with Zerglings, Mutalisks are the most used unit in ZvZ. The mobility of these two units makes them important. Winning ZvZs primarily depends on Mutalisk and Scourge control in air battles.

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