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Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Race style: Technology Aliens
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The Protoss are an highly advanced species who have evolved from their fleshy state, of which however they still retain a part of it. They are the most technological of the three species in the StarCraft universe, and have created a array of weapons, armor, and machines that allow them to be deadly. However, unlike the other species, they take up more. One Protoss Zealot is able to take out two Marines, but one Zealot takes up two unit blocks. The protoss are very strong and have advanced much farther than both the Terran's and the Zerg. They are currently ruled by a gathering know as the Protoss Conclave who live on Aiur, the Protoss's home planet. However, there are another type of Protoss called the Dark Templar who have retained the ability to cloak themselves. The Dark Templar were banished from Aiur, being called rejects, mistakes, and abominations. The Dark Templar leader is known as Raszagal. A lot of the Protoss who live on the planet Aiur have ben subjected to believe exactly what the Conclave tells the to do. This led to the banishment of the Dark Templar and the banishment of Tassadar when he decided to search for them for help to defeat the zerg forces that were raging across the universe. The protoss have a saying, "En Taro Adun!". Adun being a great protoss warrior from long ago, before the Brood War. The saying was changed to "En Taro Tassadar" after Tassadar's mighty sacrifice to the protoss by merging his High Templar powers and the Dark Templar powers that be received together, and putting it into one Carrier to destroy the Overmind, the leader and master of the zerg.

There are many notable Protoss, such as Tassadar, Aldaris, Zeratul, Artanis, and Fenix.

[edit] Protoss Units

There are different types of Protoss units, such as;









Archon - (Created by two High Templars merging together)

Dark Archon - (Created by two Dark Templars merging together)


Dark Templar

High Templar



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