Sarah Kerrigan

Sarah Kerrigan
Kerrigan in StarCraft II
Race: Terran (infested)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Queen of Blades

Sarah Kerrigan is one of the main character throughout the Starcraft series. She is first encountered as Ghost who will remain as such till the near end of the Terran Campaign. She's 26, red headed, and very intelligent. You will later, during the Terran Campaign be able to use her as a regular Ghost who (unlike in multiplayer) can't use the Nuclear Strike ability. She can easily go into a base and destroy it (given they have no detectors) and wipe out the entire thing as he Cloak ability makes her invisible.

Kerrigan's full body art.


[edit] During the Terran Campaign

You will first meet this red head when Jim Raynor is trying to confront the Confederacy. She will introduce herself to you, and from there on out she will be apart of your team. Rarely sending her into Frontal combat would be a good idea, as if she dies, you lose the game and you must start that level over again. During the end, Kerrigan will be betrayed and killed. The Zerg will capture her for the Overmind's plans.

Kerrigan has she appears in the icon box (pre zerg transformation).

[edit] During the Zerg Campaign

During the first few missions of the Zerg Campaign, you will be protecting her as she evolves into a Zerg. Once she hatches, she will have changed a lot. She will not be able to use not only the Ghosts's abilities, but the Queen's abilities to ensnare and infect enemies. You will fight Tassadar with her, and win. Though, he will escape.

Kerrigan as she appears in the icon box (after zerg transformation).

[edit] During the Protoss Campaign

She will be a primary enemy. Though, you won't have to fight her, you will fight her and the Overminds forces. She's not heard much throughout this Campaign.

[edit] During Broodwars

Kerrgian will become more prominent this time around because she is the main villain. She will however also aid you at times. During the first campaign in Broodwars, she will appear to you as an ally trying to destroy the Cerebrates to gain full control over the Zerg. You will meet her after you destroy the Cerebrates at the Xel'Naga temple. She will then be your ally for a short time. During the Zerg campaign you will be able to see her, though you won't here from her much more than once. She, however is the main character in the Zerg Campaign. During this time, her and Duran will be trying to destroy the Overmind to gain control of the Zerg.

[edit] Starcraft II

In Starcraft II, Kerrigan leads the swarm as the Queen of Blades as she attempts to obtain a powerful Xel'Naga Artifact. Raynor's Raiders are attempting to obtain the artifact as well, and the artifact pieces are in possession of protoss. Raynor puts together the pieces of the artifact and invades Char, where Kerrigan resides and leads her swarm. Raynor then activates the artifact, which destroys much of the zerg on Char, and reverts Kerrigan back into human form, where she must assume her destiny to stop the Xel'Naga from destroying the Koprulu Sector

[edit] Game Unit

In Starcraft/Starcraft Broodwar, Kerrigan has two kinds of units. A unique Terran female ghost and a unique Infested Terran.

As a ghost, she has shorter attack range than a normal ghost, can attack ground and air units for 30 damage(+1 per upgrade). She has 250 hp, 3 armor, and 11 sight range. She has Personal Cloaking(allows the unit to be invisible and remain undetected even while attacking or using abilities) and Lockdown(disables any robotic or mechanical units. Units affected by Lock down can be healed by Medics' Restoration ability)

As a Unique Infested Terran, she has an appearance with some similarities that of a normal Infested Terran but with wings. Unlike her ghost form, she can't normally attack air units now because not only her appearance has change but also her attack and abilities. Kerrigan has now melee range of normal attack but is much more stronger with a damage of 50(+1 per upgrade). She can no longer Lockdown enemies but she still has her Personal Cloaking ability. Her new abilities are Ensnare(similar to those Zerg Queens. It has 4x4 area of effect which can be used to slow targets and in additional if targeted on an invisible or cloaking unit, the unit is revealed), Consume(similar to those Zerg Defilers. Sacrifices a friendly Zerg unit for 50 energy) and finally Psionic Storm(similar those Protoss High Templar.)

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