Science Facility

Science Facility
Vespene Gas150
Build Time60 Seconds

The Science Facility is the most advanced tech building for Terran. It unlocks level 3 upgrades for all weapons and armor. The Facility itself also unlocks the Science Vessel.


[edit] Add-ons

[edit] Covert Ops

The Covert Ops allows Ghosts to be built from the Barracks and Nuclear Silos to be added to the Command Center. Ghost Cloak, sight range, Lockdown and energy can be upgraded here.

[edit] Physics Lab

The Physics Lab allows Battlecruisers to be built from Starport's with Command Towers. Yamato Gun and Battlecruiser energy are upgraded here.

[edit] Available Upgrades

EMP Shockwave: Reduces shield and energy to 0 for all enemy or allied units within the blast area.

Irradiate: Reduces the hit points of biological units near the targeted unit and itself by 250 over 30 seconds.

Titan Reactor: Increases the Science Vessel's energy by 50.

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