Tassadar as he destroys the OverMind.
Race: Protoss
Gender: Male
Birth/Death: Birth: Unknown Death: 2501
Occupation: High Templar and Executor
  • The Protoss Conclave's Forces
  • Tassadar's Forces

Tassadar is one of the main character throughout the regular Starcraft game. He is a Protoss, or more specifically a High Templar who's position is Executor until the Protoss Conclave decides to throw him out for disobeying orders and trying to find the Dark Templar. He is know for his last words while fighting off the overmind, right before you fight.

"Indeed. My friends, this is our final hour. Not all of us may survive the coming conflict. Yet, death may be a blessing should we fail here. We seek now to destroy a foe that has ravaged its way across the universe consuming all in its path. And now it has reached the end of its long journey. The Overmind has come to destroy all that we hold dear and assimilate us into itself. And I say to thee, this shall not come to pass! Aiur shall not fall! Executor, I stand ready!"

- Tassadar as he prepares for the final fight with The Overmind.

[edit] Before the Protoss Campaign

During the Terran and Zerg campaign, Tassadar serves as both an ally and a enemy. As a High Templar, he uses the regular attacks on you as a High Templar would, though unlike the other ones, he cannot merge with another High Templar and become and Archon. Tassadar will fight you on the Zerg campaign when you must confront him with Sarah Kerrigan. Tassadar is over depicted having a gray craggy face with deep blue eyes. He is not much of a frontal combat warrior, being a High Templar and does more damage from the back.

Tassadar as he is shown in the icon box.

[edit] During the Protoss Campaign

You will end on the Protoss Campaign, saving Tassadar and having him a Fenix fight off the Overmind with Jim Raynor (often called Jimmy by Kerrigan). However, sadly Tassadar sacrifices himself to destroy the Overmind by merging the powers he got from the Dark Templar with his own High Templar powers, which obviously was a large enough power to destroy the Overmind. This leaves the image of Tassadar as a hero, rather than the evil mind that the Conclave saw him as.

[edit] After the Protoss Campaign

Not much is said about Tassadar anymore except at the beginning where they mourn his death and say what a great warrior he was. The general term they used has changed to "En Taro Tassadar". Tassadar is now considered one of the most respectable Protoss even by the late Protoss Conclave. It is, however later shown that a few Protoss still disrespect him for introducing the Dark Templar into their ranks.

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