Wraiths are the first air force unit you have access to. They have a cloaking ability to slip into the enemy base undetected. They attack other air enemies will missiles and ground forces with lasers.


[edit] Game Usage

[edit] Terran vs Zerg

Some Terran build orders are centered around Wraith harass involving Cloak, because they kill Overlords and Drones fairly quickly. Spore Colonies and Hydralisks are an effective counter, Terran should transition back to Marine/Medic.

[edit] Terran vs Protoss

Wraiths are useful for killing Shuttles to prevent any type of Reaver or Dark Templar drop early on. If the late-game involves Protoss going Carriers, a group of cloaked Wraiths can be very effective if the Protoss player neglects to make Observers, or if the Observers are sniped by the Wraiths.

[edit] Terran vs Terran

Wraiths can be used to harass other Terran's workers if they opt to slow down tech for a faster expansion. However, Wraiths are incredibly weak against both Missile Turrets and Goliaths.

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