Race: Protoss
Hit points

Zealots are the basic unit used for the protoss throughout the StarCraft universe. They sport 2 enegy blades placed on the sides of their arms and attack by thrusting their arms at their enemies. Zealots are also considered to be regular protoss civilians.


[edit] Game Usage

[edit] Protoss vs Terran

Zealots are not used until their speed upgrade is researched. Initially slower than a Dragoon, they become easy pray for the Vulture. With the speed upgrade, Zealots are used to confront Tanks.

[edit] Protoss vs Zerg

Zealots are most effective against Zerglings and Hydralisks, especially with speed upgrade and attack upgrades. If Protoss has 1 attack upgrade higher than Zerg's armor, Zealots kill Zerglings in 2 hits rather than 3. However, Lurkers can take care of Zealots fairly easily with their splash.

[edit] Protoss vs Protoss

Just like PvT, Zealots are not used often until speed upgrade is researched. In the later stages, Zealots are often used as 'meat shields' in Zealot/Dragoon/Archon/High Templar army clashes, with Dragoons and High Templar in the back.

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