The Zerg as they appear in the cut scenes
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Race style: Genteic Aliens
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The zerg are an alien type monster who are deemed as the main enemy throughout the StarCraft games. They are deadly, merciless, and deadly. Their primary goal is to expand, kill, and conquer. The zerg's home planet is called Char in which their leader, the Overmind lies. The Overmind has control over every zerg, excluding the few that Sarah Kerrigan had control over. There are many types of zerg and each one can evolve into something better, making their species closer more animal-like than the Terrans or the Protoss. The zerg have the ability to automatically regenerate from any damage done to them. They can burrow into the ground to hide from enemies that seem to be overpowering, or simply hide away to avoid damage, or even hide under an enemy base to attack forces when they go over them. The zerg aren't "highly advanced" due to there weak state of flesh like the Terrans, but still have a carpiace that protect them from damage when evolved with the Evolution Chamber.

[edit] Zerg Units

There are many types of zerg, such as;






Lurker - (Evolved from Hydralisk)





Guardian - (Evolved from Mutalisk)

Devourer - (Evolved from Mutalisk)

Broodling - (These can only be created by the Queen's ability to destroy a single zerg to make two Broodlings. The Broodlings die over time)

Infested Terran - (These can only be created once a heavily damaged base is infested by a Queen.)

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