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Race: Protoss
Gender: Male
Birth/Death: 2238 -
Occupation: Hierarch of the Protoss
  • Templar Castle

Artanis is a young but intelligent Protoss who before the end of StarCraft was simply a ally with Tassadar to help fend off the Zerg forces. During this time, he learned from Tassadar, and learned how to fight with intelligence, rather than blind pride. Artanis was brought in later to replace the Hierarch due to the deaths of the late Protoss Conclave. During the final fight with The Overmind, he will simply be a scout. Though, this is the unit he stays for the rest of the game. Artanis is then later put in the position of Tassadar's old position before the Conclave banished him. He hopes to live up to the name of Tassadar and turned the term "En Taro Adun" into "En Taro Tassadar" due to the great respect he holds for Tassadar.

Artanis as his profile icon box displays.

[edit] During the Protoss Campaign

During this campaign, you won't see much of Artanis till the end of the campaign. Artanis will appear as a scout and will aid you in your fight against the zerg forces alongside Fenix, Tassadar, Zeratul, and Jim Raynor. The campaign ends with him grieving for the loss of the great High Templar along with the others.

[edit] During the Brood War

Artanis will play the main role of executor during the Brood War. He first is in charge of rescuing the refugee's and helping them reach the warp gate which will take them to Shakuras. While on Shakuras, he was in charge of protecting them from the zerg forces until the Dark Templar arrive. They were able to send the refugee's to Shakuras, but Jim Raynor and Fenix had to stay behind to fend off the zerg forces remaining on Aiur.

When Artanis finally met the Dark templar, and there leader Raszagal, they quickly learned of two crystals that would aid them in the fight against the zerg and how they link to the Xen'Naga Temple, but before they could do anything, they must destroy the zerg that lay around the temple.

Aftet the mission, Sarah Kerrigan showed herself and introduced herself. Raszagal quickly welcomed her, but Artanis, Zeratul, and Aldaris weren't so quick on the draw. Aldaris was disgusted with how the leader of the Dark Templar would line herself with the self proclaimed Queen of Blades.

[edit] The Crystals

The three warriors: Zeratul, Artanis, and Kerrigan leave for the planet Braxis, where the Uraj crystal is located. Upon entering the planet, they find Terran Forces already surrounding the crystal. They quickly dispatch the Terran forces even without the aid of there Stargates.

While trying to leave the planet with the crystal, they were stopped by the UED forces led by Alexei Stukov who ordered the surrender of the protoss forces. They protoss didn't comply and led into battle with the UED. To escape, Artanis had to destroy the Fusion Reactors, shutting down the turrets that were surrounding the planet Braxis.

The next crystal lay on Char, which by some terrible events, the new Overmind had started to grow near. Kerrigan offered her help to retrieve the crystal, which the protoss accepted. During the fight, you had control over both the Protoss and the Zerg. Before the fight, you were given two options. You could either break through the zerg forces and retrieve the crystal, or you could attack the new Overmind and pacify it into a state where the zerg couldn't do anything. Either way worked.

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