Bisu is a Korean progamer. He is currently a member of SK Telecom T1.

[edit] Biography

Bisu (real name Kim Taek-Yong) shocked the world after defeating Savior 3-0 at the 2006-2007 GOMTV MBC Starleague. In the following tournament, Bisu defeated Stork in a close 5-game series to become the first Protoss to win two consecutive MBC Starleagues. Bisu began to slump in early 2008, following a finals loss to Mind and a semifinals loss to Stork. He was later transferred to SK Telecom T1 from his original team, MBCGame Hero for a sum of $200,000 USD. Bisu's level of play began to improve shortly after, claiming a third Starleague title and the only Protoss to do so.

[edit] Accomplishments

  • 1st Place, 2006-2007 GOMTV Season 1 MBC Starleague
  • 1st Place, 2007 GOMTV Season 2 MBC Starleague
  • 2nd Place, 2007 GOMTV Season 3 MBC Starleague
  • 3rd Place, 2007 EVER Ongamenet Starleague
  • 1st Place, 2008 ClubDay MBC Starleague
  • 1st Place, 2009 GOMTV Intel Classic Season 2

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