[edit] Game Usage

[edit] Zerg vs Terran

Both Dark Swarm and Plague are incredibly powerful against Terran. Dark Swarm safely protects all burrowed units from anything but Firebats, making Lurkers very dangerous. Plague reduces all Terran (except Battlecruisers) units to one-hit kill targets.

[edit] Zerg vs Protoss

Although Dark Templar, Zealots, Reavers and Psionic Storms can hit under Dark Swarms, it is very useful against Dragoon-heavy armies. Dark Swarm with Zerglings can also take out Protoss bases when they are only defended by Photon Cannons.

[edit] Zerg vs Zerg

If Hive tech is ever reached in this match up, Plague is mostly used on enemy Mutalisks, vastly reducing their health.

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