Edmund Duke

General Duke
EdmundDuke SC1 Head1.png
Race: Terran
Gender: Male
Birth/Death: 2446 - 2501
Occupation: General of Confederacy
  • Confederacy
  • Confederate Resistance Forces
  • Terran Dominion

General Edmund Duke was a General for the Confederacy during the time of StarCraft. Duke is seen as a military genius for his strategies and ability to higher moral. He has fought in many many battles and has many scars and his combat record is very good, however he rose from the rank of Captain at the age of 40 to General in 2499. This being because Duke was someone who buried himself in the military and was messy about it.

General Duke died on 2501 at Sarah Kerrigan's hands on the field of battle.

[edit] During StarCraft

During StarCraft, General Duke serves at the Confederacy's main general in the military. He's quite stubborn in his actions, calling out Jim Raynor on destroying the Confederacy base when it was infested by the zerg. He first reveals himself in a transmission telling you of your evacuation of your colony. He later again comes to you, telling you to just "sight tight" as the Confederacy plans on destroying the zerg. However, you destroy the zerg base before they get to you and you are arrested. Duke was busy fighting off the zerg invasion while Jim Raynor escaped from the prison cell and went to Arcturus Mengsk and Sons of Korhal. Later, Duke ordered an attack on the protoss that had attacked Charu Sara and the protoss withdrew after the rush of Terran forces. Duke was sent to walk over Chau Sara after the protoss attacked, and during this time, the Magistrate critizised his efforts. Duke retorted by calling him a"damn fringe world yokel".

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