Fenix before he is turned into a Dragoon.
Race: Protoss
Gender: Male
Birth/Death: Birth: 2102 Death: 2501
Occupation: Dragoon/Zealot Front Forces
  • The Protoss Conclave's Forces
  • Tassadar's Forces

Fenix is a Protoss warrior who was very strong. His strength placed him above normal Zealots which gave him command within the Protoss forces. He commands respect from the entire Protoss culture including respect from the Dark Templars. Fenix is a fearless warrior, who like Sarah Kerrigan was betrayed by her superiors and was killed in action (K.I.A). it was during this time that Tassadar, who is Fenix's friend, that the Conclave ordered Tassadar arrested for his crimes, which obviously were for the better during the Zerg invasion.


[edit] During the Terran Campaign

Fenix is never seen nor mentioned in this campaign.

[edit] During the Zerg Campaing

During this campaign, Fenix is only seen once. This is during a cut scene it shows him guarding Antioch, however this ultimately shows his downfall. He is overrun by the zerg, and he is confronted by a Hydralisk. His psiconic blades short out and he is killed by the Hydralisk. It is later revealed that he is found by the Protoss forces and turned into a Dragoon.

[edit] During the Protoss Campaign

This campaign starts off before Fenix is killed. The first mission you have you must rescue Fenix and his forces from the overwhelming zerg. He is still a Zealot at this point. Later in the campaign, Fenix is turned into a Dragoon and will fight alongside Tassadar which shows his great trust in Tassadar as he defies the Protoss Conclave by doing so. At the end of the campaign, he is seen saluting Tassadar's great sacrifice to stop the zerg.

[edit] During Broodwars

Fenix is never playable during Broodwars. He is only shown defending the War Gate from the zerg so the remaining Protoss can escape. It is later assumed that both he and Jim Raynor die doing this.

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