Jim Raynor

Jim Raynor
Jim Raynor in StarCraft II
Race: Terran
Gender: Male
Birth/Death: 2470 -
Occupation: Captain of the Hyperion

James Raynor (known as Jim or Jimmy) is a Terran who, like Sarah Kerrigan and Tassadar, is one of the main characters in StarCraft. He's a regular soldier with a cowboy attitude who will never give up, but at the same time he is pretty laid back.

Jim Raynor as he appears in the icon box.


[edit] Civilian Life

As said, Raynor is pretty laid back. His wife, Lydia Raynor married him after Raynor's army life. They had a son named John Raynor and their lives went pretty smooth. The Confederacy struck a deal with Jim that if he became the local sheriff they would wipe his army record clean, as you can probably tell from that, that he did some pretty bad stuff. Though, his son, John, was gifted with semi-psychic powers when he was born like Kerrigan and the Confederacy ordered Jim to hand his son over. Jim didn't like this, but he complied. He later receives news that his son had died on a shuttle and Jim buries himself in his work to cope. His wife later died from the grief. This stars the adventure of StarCraft, though at a sad start for Raynor.

Raynor as he appears in StarCraft II

[edit] During the Terran Campaign

Jim will be with you till the end here. He will first introduce himself at the beginning of the campaign to you and rest of the team. He is a Vulture who's fast though not really strong. You will later be confronted by the Confederacy because you destroyed a Infested Terran Command Center. Obviously, you deny this and Raynor becomes a outlaw. Though, even though Raynor is now an outlaw, he still commands not only the respect of his men, but he still commands respect from others, which later allows you to take Confederacy bases for you own. During this campaign, you can never let him die as each object has "Raynor must survive" in it, so be careful. Raynor overall will be able to scout because he's fast and can get away from enemies quickly.

[edit] During the Zerg Campaign

During this campaign, the only time you see him is in the beginning after Kerrigan has transformed. Jim will retreat after being nearly destroyed by the Zerg forces. He is later killed by the Dominion.

Raynor in armor.

[edit] During the Protoss Campaign

During this campaign, Jim will be on the side of the Protoss helping to defeat the Overmind. However, you will not be able to use Jim until the last few fights. However, you'll be able to use him and the Protoss forces at the end of this campaign.

[edit] During the Brood War

Jim will first be seen helping Fenix fight off the Zerg forces from the warp gate. You will not be able to use Jim throughout this set of campaigns, though he will be often mentioned as a brave warrior as staying on Aiur with the zerg forces will spell his doom, though since we have no gotten enough information from StarCraft II we can not confirm if Raynor will be a main character still.

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