Missile Turret

Missile Turret
Vespene GasNone
Build Time30 Seconds

The Missile Turret is the Terran anti-air defense structure. It also acts as a detector, revealing any cloaked units close by.


[edit] Game Usage

[edit] Terran vs Zerg

Turrets are used to defend Terran bases from Mutalisks until a sizable Terran army can be built.

[edit] Terran vs Protoss

During the early to mid-game stages, Turrets are used to defend against any type of Shuttle harass or placed at base entrances to spot Dark Templar rushes. If Carriers are used by Protoss, mass Turrets are thrown down to protect expansions from being killed too quickly.

[edit] Terran vs Terran

Turrets are placed at the edge of bases to defend against Dropships. They are also effective against early Wraiths, often placed inside the mineral line to defend workers.

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