The Overmind as Tassadar destroys it.
Race: Zerg
Gender: Genderless
Birth/Death: Unknown - 2500
Occupation: Controller and Leader of the Zerg Species
  • Zerg Leader

The Overmind is the creator leader of all other zerg throughout the universe. It has the ability to control of not only the vicious zerg, but those infested by the zerg genes. The Overmind is basically a giant Zerg Hive with the Overmind laid inside it. According to the Overmind itself, it's proven that the Xel'Naga created them many generations ago, however the Protoss and Terran versions of the story are different. Throughout the Protoss and Terran cultures, it is said that the Confederacy created the zerg, so the conflict between the two stories is questionable. The Overmind is killed after Tassadar's attemtps to finally rid it and the zerg species from the universe. The Overmind has only one goal; To rule the universe.


[edit] During the Terran Campaign

Throughout this campaign, the only enemy you will fight (other than the Confederacy) is the zerg. They each have a individual brood name which will appear once you defeat them. So far, the zerg are just branching out to other planets in hope to obtain domination. You will find out that the Confederacy (apparently) created the zerg, or so that's what the Terran's believe. However, the Overmind isn't really talked about.

[edit] During the Zerg Campaign

Well, finally you'll see the zerg leader. The Overmind will present itself to you first thing as you start the mission. The Overmind will be the exact person you will see every time you put your cursor over a zerg structure. The Overmind stated that you must protect the cocoon that is placed behind you for a few levels. This cocoon holds Sarah Kerrigan who is being infested as you protect the cocoon. The Overmind created "you" to help protect the cocoon and show your skills in battle.

[edit] During the Protoss Campaign

This will be the final time you see the first Overmind. During this campaign, it will be Protoss vs Zerg the enitre time. The Overmind has tried to take the powers of the Xel'Naga temple and add it to his own. Tassadar and Jim Raynor team up this time to complete destroy the Overmind. Their attempts strong and glorious, they fail at even damaging the outside of the Overmind's shell. Then Tassadar makes the final attack. He converges his High Templar and Dark Templar powers into one through a Carrier and through his final act for the Protoss, The Overmind is destroyed.

[edit] During the Brood War

There is a new Overmind in town, this one different. Two Cerebrates merge to make the basis of it. However, you really never see this new overmind until you have Kerrigan helping you with the Protoss part of Brood War.

During the mission, you have two choices. You can either attack the Overmind directly, pacifying the zerg around it or just getting the crystal. The Overmind has 5000 HP, which means it takes a lot to hurt it. You then later meet it again in the Terran Campaign and you must then use 4 medics to subdue the Overmind and control it.

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