Race: Protoss
Gender: Female
Birth/Death: Unknown-2501
Occupation: Leader of the Dark Templar
Affiliations: Leader of the Dark Templar

Raszagal is the Leader/Matriarch of the Dark Templar. She is not introduced until Broodwars has started, in which she takes the full role of leader of the Dark Templar. She is first encountered when Zeratul and the rest of the Protoss when they enter the Warp Gate, landing on the home world of Shakuras. However, you must defeat the Zerg forces who have somehow made their way through the Warp Gate. Once you destroy the forces, she will appear to you. She has long black hair and her eyes glow a bright yellow. She is very strong and has great intelligence.

[edit] During Brood War

Brood War is the first and last time Raszagal is ever mentioned. You will first meet her after Zeratul and Artanis have crossed the warp gate to the planet Shakuras and fending off the zerg forces that have somehow reached that planet and meeting up with the other Dark Templar. She will quickly come off as a kind and gentle soul, as Zeratul later describes her to be. Raszagal will alter you of a way to help the protoss survive the zerg. She sends you off to the Xel'Naga Temple to destroy the zerg and the two Cerebrate's that lay around the temple. While there, Sarah Kerrigan will approach you and ask to be taken back to Shakuras to talk with the protoss leaders. She will ask a favor of the protoss; Helping her destroy the renegade zerg. While the goal is common, Zeratul, Artanis, and Aldaris will refuse. However, Raszagal agrees saying that the goals are common and that it would be get the job done quicker. This made Zeratul confused as Raszagal didn't hesitate to say yes, leading him to wonder. However, he doesn't question it and both Zeratul and Artanis agree to help Kerrigan as they gather the crystals Khalis and Uraj to activate the Xel'Naga temple. However, Aldaris storms off, infurirated at how the Matriarch can agree with the Queen of Blade. The next time she's mentioned is when Kerrigan returns to kidnap Raszagal and take her back to Char. Zeratul follows, unaware of why Kerrigan stole her away. When he confronts Kerrigan, she says that she needed the Dark Templar to destroy the new Overmind. Zeratul agrees, going off to destroy the new Overmind with multiple other Dark Templars. He then returns, demanding the return of the Matriarch. Kerrigan asks Raszagal if she wanted to return to Shakuras, and she quickly says no. This shocked Zeratul and made him realize that the Matriarch is under the control of Kerrigan. Zeratul leaves, only to return later to steal the Matriarch away and head for a warp gate which in 30 minutes will warp them home to Shakuras. However, Kerrigan destroys all the protoss units and buildings, stopping Zeratul from escaping. Zeratul then kills the Matriarch while Kerrigan watchs, saying that he'd rather see her dead than in the hands of Kerrigan. Kerrigan allows him to live, saying that she's already done enough damage to him and his pride. Zeratul leaves, swearing vengeance on Kerrigan. The Matriarch dead, giving her status to Zeratul before she slips away into sweet oblivion.

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