Samir Duran

Samir Duran
Duran's Concept Art.
Race: Terran then Infested Terran
Gender: Male
Birth/Death: N/A
Occupation: Ghost
  • Sarah Kerrigan's Swarm
  • Confederate Resistance Forces

Samir Duran, or just Duran as everyone refers to him by is a Terran who's main place in the story doesn't take place until the Brood War begins. However, he has a story prior to Brood War. He's a Ghost in combat and uses a rifle that is different to the regular one by most Ghosts. He uses a C-10 Rifle.

Duran is a odd one. His actions don't follow what he says at all. He is sneaky and tries to get his own way. Few know exactly what he's like, and even the ones close to him do not exactly know what his story is and what he hope to accomplish.

Later in Brood War, it is revealed that Duran has become an Infested Terran.


[edit] Before the Brood War

Once Arcturus Mengsk took over the Confederacy, Duran decided that he would form a group called the Confederate Resistance Forces that's sole purpose would to be to strike at Arcturus Mengsk forces.

[edit] During the Brood War

The first time you will see Duran is in the first briefing of the UEd. He will approach you in a meeting with Alexei Stukov and will offer his services to you. Alexei Stukov will seem shifty because of the fact that he still believes that Duran is a "turncoat" and should not be trusted, however, he is forced into working alongside him. He will give you information of exactly where Arcturus Mengsk is and will aid you in attempting to capture him but he will not directly fight with you because he is meeting his new allies on a different planet.

[edit] Advisor to the UED

During one of the mission, Duran suggests hijacking some of Arcturus Mengsk's Battlecruiser's to slow the attack force down on Dylar IV. This mission is a success, though the Dominion could reinforce their outside bases within 16 hours.

[edit] Psi Disrupter

On a mission to Tarsonis, Admiral DuGalle uncovered a weapon that could be used to their advantage. The Psi Disrupter is a tool that could be used to control the zerg. Duran suggest that they destroy the device because of it's overwhelming power and if Mengsk were to get a hold of that power, it could mean an end to the UED. Stukov, on the other hand believes that it could aid them in their fight against the zerg. However, DuGalle sided with Duran saying that if not destroyed, the weapon could become a deadly force to the UED. DuGalle ordered Duran to land on Tarsonis and destroy the device. During the conflict, Duran finds the Disrupter and before he is able to destroy it, Ghosts sent by Stukov stopped Duran and told him that they would destroy the device. Duran left without any trouble from them.

[edit] The Turncoat

The UED defeated Mengsk's forces, but before they could capture him, Jim Raynor and a few Protoss units jumped in the middle of the fight and saved Megnsk's before he could be captured. They traveled to Aiur to take shelter in a Protoss encampment. Before the UED could follow Raynor, they had to deal with the zerg forces that were blocking their way to Aiur, though the zerg seemed to be dormant even with Protoss and Terran forces surrounding them.

DuGalle ordered the captain to lead an attack forces on the protoss encampment while Stukov and Duran prevented outside forces from interfering with their plans, but before the captain could attack, the warp gate was activated which awoken the zerg from their dormant state. They attacked nonetheless and forced Raynor and Megnsk to the warp gate.

During the fight, Stukov was enraged with Duran for moving his forces out of the way of the zergs, allowing them entrance to the battlefield. Duran said that he couldn't pick up any zerg on the scanner and that possible Stukov's equipment has some malfunctions. Stukov denied the claims and then Duran shut off the com link blaming it on interfering transmissions. This interference with Duran allowed Raynor and Megnsk to escape through the warp gate. After the fight, Stukov told the captain that he had some personal business to attend to. Duran and DuGalle were unaware of where he was going.

New came from Duran that Stukov has rebuilt the Psi Disruptor in order to prevent the plans of DuGalle's later attack. DuGalle could hardly believe the claims, but the evidence was against him. He ordered Duran to find and kill Stukov.

Duran found his way in and defeated Stukov's guards and confronted Stukov. He shot him and instantly vanished. Stukov then explained to DuGalle that it was Duran who was the traitor and was infested by the zerg. Duran had convinced DuGalle to destroy the Psi Disruptor, allowing Raynor and Mengsk to escape.

After Duran killed Stukov, Duran set the Psi Disrupter's core to overload and the zerg attacked from the outerwalls. DuGalle shut down the core's reactor and saved the Psi Disruptor and defeated the zerg forces.

[edit] Under Kerrigan

When Duran first reveals himself to DuGalle as an infested terran, he brings Kerrigan, introducing DuGalle to her. It was during this time that the UED used the Psi Disrupter to weaken the zerg. Duran made no effort to hide his infected status.

Both Kerrigan and Duran traveled to Tarsonis in order to hide away from the UED. Both Mengk's and Raynor were well aware that Duran was there. During the briefing meeting, Duran interrupted the com link to tell Kerrigan that Psi Disrupter has reached them and has severed the broods from her control. Duran and Kerrigan then traveled to Korhal with Raynor and Mengk's to rid the UED of the area. After the fight, Duran suggested that they kill their allies. After they destroyed Fenix and Duke bases, they returned to Tarsonis.

Days later, the UED finally decided to test out their pet Overmind and sent hundreds of zerg to the planet Tarsonis. Duran reported that zerg were attacking the swarm and rallied her forces to fight. He then told her of a UED science lab on the outskirts of the area, telling her that they mist be the ones who are controlling the zerg at this great distance. Kerrigan led a team in and destroyed the base and all that were in it.

Duran then followed Kerrigan on a mission to Shakuras to get Raszagal, the Dark Templar. However, the resistance would be great and it might not be possible to break through the lines and get to Raszagal. Duran then suggested that they destroy some critical points along the pylon clusters to cause a power outage, giving them enough time to get Raszagal and flee the planet. The plan was followed out by a cerebrate who gave cover to Duran as he planted the charges to destroy the pylons.

Duran finally learned the reasons behind Kerrigan capturing Raszagal. They needed to give the Protoss incentive to attack the new Overmind and destroy it. After the fight was done, Duran gave news to Kerrigan that all the zerg in that sector are now under her control. During this time, the UED had fled the sectors, returning home to Earth. However, Zeratul and the rest of the Dark Templars took this opportunity to stealth in and take Raszagal from Kerrigan's control. They headed for the farthest reach, and has a dimensional recall sent in that would take place in 20 minutes. During this time, Duran disappeared.

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