Siege Tank


[edit] Game Usage

[edit] Terran vs Protoss

When playing against Protoss, Terran armies consist mainly of Vultures and Tanks. Vultures are effective against Zealots while Tanks are great against Dragoons.

[edit] Terran vs Zerg

Tanks are most often used against Zerg in combination with Marines and Medics. With their long range, Tanks are used to kill Sunken Colonies early on and also out-range Lurkers. Because of their 70 explosive damage, Siege Tanks are ideal to combat fully upgraded Ultralisks.

[edit] Terran vs Terran

A typical TvT match involved lines of Tanks. Due to the low mobility of Terran armies, Dropships are often used to transport Tanks and Goliaths into enemy bases.

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