StarCraft: Brood War

StarCraft: Brood War
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DeveloperBlizzard Entertainment
PublisherSeirra Entertaiment
Release DateNorth America - November 30, 1998
GenreRTS (Real Time Strategy)
Game ModesSingle Player, Multiplayer
ESRB RatingTeen (T)
Available OnWindows, Mac OS
Game RequirementsWindows:

Windows 95 or better 90 MHz Pentium 16 MB RAM DirectX-compatible 2x CD-ROM drive 640x480 8-bit display

Mac OS: System 7.6 or better PowerPC 601 or better


StarCraft: Brood War is the second installment in the StarCraft series. The timeline begins right after the first game, StarCraft after Tassadar destroy the Overmind. StarCraft: Brood War's was released in 1998, as an expansion from the original game that was released 2 year earlier. Brood War's has multiple new units, maps, ect. added to the StarCraft universe and even continues the storyline from where you left off in the first StarCraft. Brood Wars has three campaigns, each for each species (Terran, Protoss, and Zerg) and different levels and challenges for each campaign. It features new characters, new units, and new maps.


[edit] Protoss Campaign (Episode IV)

The Protoss campaign starts off with Artanis, Zeratul, and Aldaris helping the protoss refugee's of Aiur to the warp gate located west of their starting position. Tassadar has fallen and Artanis has taken his position as executor of the protoss. Once the protoss are on the otherside of the warp gate, Jim Raynor and Fenix both stay behind to fend off the zerg that have taken place around the warp gate back on Aiur. However, the zerg have made it to Shakuras which is where the protoss end up. They must fend off the zerg until they are met by the Dark Templar. Later which, they meet the leader of the Dark Templar: Raszagal who informs them of the Xel'Naga temple and dormant powers that lay within it. They just first gather the two crystals Khalis and Uraj to activate the temple. Sarah Kerrigan the shows up and offers her help to the protoss to retrieve the crystal which also played into her hand since all three crystals lay around zerg forces. After the protoss gather the 2 crystals, Raszagal brings word that the judicator, Aldaris has taken the protoss refugee's and turned them against the protoss. Artanis and Zeratul now bring the fight to Aldaris, ultimately killing him. However, before they can reason with him, Kerrigan gets in the way and kills Aldaris herself. She is then banished from Shakuras forever. Afterwards, the protoss return to the Xel'Naga Temple, which is surrounded by zerg. They place the two crystals in their spots and the temple activates. The remaining protoss take shelter in the temple as the zerg around it are destroyed by a powerful wave of energy that is sent from the temple. The protoss are safe...for now.

[edit] Terran Campatin (Episode V)

The Terran Campaign starts out by introducing you to the UED (United Earth Directorate) and their imminent strike on the planet Braxis. The reason for the assault on the planet was to wipe out the Terran Dominion. It was in this part of the campaign that Samir Duran makes his appearance, and introduces himself to DuGalle and Alexei Stukov. Later, DuGalle orders Stukov to seize some Battlecruisers on Dyland IV to lower it's defenses so that it may be directly attacked. Word had then been brought that a powerful weapon called the Psi Disrupter was laying on the surface of the planet Tarsonis, which Duran tried to convince DuGalle that it was too powerful to keep, but Stukov said the opposite. He said that they should use the weapon against the so that they might have an advantage. DuGalle sided with Duran, and sent him to destroy the device. However, before they could destroy the device, Stukov's guards showed up and told Duran they would disassemble the device. The UED decided to take their fight to the home planet Korhal, the home planet of the Terran Dominion. Before the fight, you had a choice to either destroy the nuclear silos or the battlecrusier fleet. Either way, the end result was the same. Then they later brought chase to the Terran leader Arcturus Mengsk, however, before they could apprehend Mengsk's, Jim Raynor showed up and "rescued" Mensgk from the UED. The UED followed Raynor and Mengsk to the planet Aiur and brought the battle to them. However, during the fight, Duran allowed the surrounding zerg into the fight rather than keep them at bay like Stukov ordered him to. Stukov then retreated to Braxis, and reassembled the Psi Disrupter. Duran warned DuGalle of this and DuGalle ordered Duran to terminate Stukov. Duran entered Stukov's research lab and dispatched his guards. Then, once Duran found Stukov, he quickly killed him and vanished. Stukov in his last words told DuGalle that Duran was the traitor and probably was even an infested terran. Duran then set the core to meltdown. DuGalle rushed to turn the core off, which he was successful in. The final fight lay ahead. DuGalle ordered a captain to go down onto Char and subdue the Overmind with 4 medic's.

[edit] Zerg Campaign (Episode VI)

The Zerg campaign starts off with Kerrigan and her "loyal severvant" Duran on the planet Tarsonis where the reminents of the old Terran Confederacy use to lay. Due to the Psi Disrupter, she had very little zerg to control, however had control over 1 cerebrate, which allowed her to control a very small portion of the swarm. He attack on the Psi Disrupter was needed. She teamed up with the most unlikely of allies, Jim Raynor, Fenix, and Mengsk to attack the UED's defense. Raynor first made it through to destroy the poorly defended power generators, and then placed a Psi Emitter near the Disrupter, calling enough zerg for Kerrigan to destroy the Psi Disrupter. In orbit, Jim Raynor, Fenix, and Acturus Mengsk discussed about whether or not Kerrigan could be trusted. As a zerg, she was prone to do what's best for her and what she wants. Jim stuck with the fact that Kerrigan wanted the UED gone, and that he would stick with her until that was over. Kerrigan then finally shows up and tells the 3 that she doesn't have enough resources to make an attack on Korhal. She told the three that the planet Moria was the best place for the abundance of resources that she could use to build up for an attack on Korhal. She sent Fenix to command the zerg for a short while so that they could gather enough resources. During this time, Kerrigan and Duran discussed about their allies. Kerrigan stated that they were to unable to see the end of what would happened if they helped her. The attack on Korhal was imminent. Kerrigan sent all the forces she could muster to the capital city Augustgrad and had them strike down the UED that were stationed there. But, DuGalle sent the Slave Broods to the planet, however it was a small forces, which led Kerrigan to believe that the UED is having trouble controlling the zerg. After the fight, Kerrigan then told Mengsk that he could have his city back with her "blessings". Kerrigan finally thought it was time to destroy her allies. She sent her forces to kill off the terran and protoss forces that were left, but during the fight General Duke showed up. Kerrigan promptly killed Duke saying that she's been wanting to do that for a while. Mengsk lashed out, calling her a murderer, saying that they had a deal. Kerrigan told Mengsk that she doesn't need to make a deal because it's his fault for putting her through the entire process of becoming a zerg. She left him in the ashes of his home world. Back on Tarsonis, the Kerrigan was stripped of her peace when the UED sent a lot of slave broods to attack her. Duran finally realized that there is a science lab outpost and that they are the means of how the zerg keep attacking. Kerrigan's forces fought through, killed and destroyed the scientists, sends the slave broods back to the UED. Kerrigan had to get the Dark Templar leader, Raszagal to continue her plans. Due to the technology of the protoss from Aiur, Kerrigan could not attack from the air, only being able to send ground troops in. Duran suggested that he destroy 5 primary pylon clusters, sending the power offline so that she could have air units attack. Duran carried this out, and Raszagal was retrieved. With the Matriarch captured, Kerrigan traveled tp Char. Zeratul had shown up, asking why Kerrigan had kidnapped their Matriarch, and she said that she needed the protoss to kill the new Overmind. Raszagal appeared and agreed, saying that the Overmind was a common enemy. Zeratul agreed and with the aid of other dark templars, killed the new Overmind for good. Zeratul then demanded the Matriarch returned. Kerrigan asked the Matriarch if she would like to return, and she said no. Zeratul was astonished, and then knew that the Matriarch was under Kerrigan's control. Zeratul left in Arbiter vowing that he would return. With the new overmind destroyed, Kerrigan had full control of the surrounding zerg. However, during this time, Zeratul snuck and stole away the Matriarch, and plotted a warp in 30 minutes. Kerrigan was angry. She sent all the brood she could to attack the small protoss base, in which they destroyed and killed every protoss and destroyed every building but Zeratul and the Matriarch. Zeratul then appeared, killing the Matriarch. Kerrigan was amazed at Zeratul. She asked why he would kill his own leader, Zeratul reply, "Better he be dead then in yours hands." It was during this time that the Matriarch gave Zeratul reign over the Dark Templar. Kerrigan allowed him to live, knowing that he would have to suffer because of her. Three fleets then approached Kerrigan, the first revealing himself as Mengsk. Kerrigan wondered how Mengsk could muster up a fleet in such short time, in which he replied that he had called in a few favors. Kerrigan said that it would take more than 3 fleets to take her down. Mengsk said that he didn't know there were other fleets. The 2nd fleet was led by Artanis. Artanis vowed revenge on all the protoss that Kerrigan has killed. Mengsk then asked Kerrigan who the last fleet belonged to. Kerrigan said that it was DuGalle and the remainder of the UED fleet. She was correct. DuGalle gave Kerrigan one last chance to surrender. Kerrigan replies that she'd rather destroy his forces and watch him die in agony. The fight started. The Terran Dominion, The UED, and Protoss versus The Zerg Swarm. The fight ends with Kerrigan the victor, and the three fleets retreating away.

[edit] Competitive Play

Brood War has become a spectator sport in South Korea with two television channels dedicated to progaming, Ongamenet and MBCGame. Both channels run tournaments called 'Starleagues', where players compete in group stage, best-of-3 and best-of-5 matches.

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