Sunken Colony


[edit] Structure Info

Sunken Colonies are one of the two defensive building created by the Zerg Swarm, These colonies shoot a tentacle underground to impale any enemy ground unit as it emerges back to ground level. This does a decently large amount of damage.

[edit] Game Usage

[edit] Vs. Terran

Sunkens are used to defend against Marines early, as they fall in 2 hits.

[edit] Vs. Zerg

When facing another Zerg, Sunkens can be made to defend against greater amounts of Zerglings.

[edit] Vs. Protoss

When walled off with a Hatchery and another building, Sunkens can effectively defend against Zealot aggression. In the later stages, a single Sunken is usually placed with mining Drones to defend expansions from Dark Templar harassment.

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