[edit] Game Usage

[edit] Terran vs Protoss

Alongside the Siege Tank, Vultures are key in TvP. Spider Mines are used as spotters around the map and to prevent the Protoss from moving out until Observers are built. Because they are extremely fast and relatively cheap, Vultures are also used to harass Protoss expansions. Mines are also effective for defending against Arbiter Recalls.

[edit] Terran vs Zerg

When Terrans choose to go for mechanic builds vs Zerg, Vultures are often used to lay mines for map control and to catch stray units. During the late game, when Defilers are in play, mines are especially effective against Dark Swarm.

[edit] Terran vs Terran

Vultures are used to establish map control with mines during the early game. However, their usefulness declines when Siege Tanks and Goliaths begin mass production.

[edit] Patrol

Vultures actually attack faster when commanded to patrol. This technique can cause Vultures to deal much more damage than they are worth. 1. Command the Vulture to move away from the target(s). 2. Click on Patrol or 'P' then click in the direction of the enemy and immediately command the Vulture to move away again.

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